Xiroi Ca la Nuri


To open an establishment on the beachfront and enter fully into a competition where price, quality and originality are valued. The aim is to revolutionize the gastronomic reality of the Nova Icària beach. The Ca la Nuri family, with the savoir faire of its “Platja”, has succeeded in these three variables to establish itself as one of the reference restaurants in Barceloneta. With the lesson well learned, it is betting on a new concept: Xiroi, the youngest of the house.

  • Differentiate from beach bars, that is to say, full inspiration.
  • To attract the local public with a lively alternative all year round.


Creation of new services, targeting, brand positioning and visual identity design.

We created a fresh aesthetic with an open kitchen. We worked with colors and typographies never seen before in a beach establishment. Accompanied by a cheerful and witty tone of voice, which will be part of the brand experience. The problem of seasonality is solved by offering new incentives: a gastronomic offer like the one you would find in the Eixample in combination with live music or live events.


A menu that leaves no one indifferent.

Personality is reflected in the menu, as it is one of the brand’s main points of contact. The design takes advantage of techniques such as collage and original and fun names were devised for the elaborations. Xiroi is all about identity and originality. Xiroi is fresh, authentic, eclectic, fun, modern and a bit of a scoundrel.

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