Sang Appetizers


An entrepreneur arrives at It’s Enjoyable with an idea in mind: to launch a canned food product on the market based on a family recipe. A romantic idea that has to be approached with strategic vision since we are trying to enter a very competitive market, with the added bonus of having to work with a raw material that is not very common in this segment: the mushroom.


Gastronomic consulting, product development, naming, brand positioning, identity design, packaging, web development, gastronomic photography.

The branding process is divided in two phases: brand creation and activation. First, we come up with an inspiring name, then we work on the positioning based on market research, trends and targeting; to finish with the design of the visual identity (logo, colors and fonts) and verbal identity (slogan and tone of voice). During the second phase we focused on more tangible activation elements such as gastronomic photography or the development of the website.


Three flavors, three characters

Three varieties were created from the family recipe. The difference lies in the use of different macerations in spirit solutions (white wine, cognac and muscatel) flavored with spices and Mediterranean herbs. The result is a product for three types of consumers: Brave,  Seductive and Kind are the characters that define its denomination and are differentiated by the color of the cap.

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