Plani – me


Innovative business model with a purpose, to improve people’s health.

Attention to the concept: Weekly vegan menus with the advice of a nutritionist. We adapt the offer to meet the growing need for healthy eating with a tendency to plant-based diets. With the added bonus of professional information on how to do it right.

The long-term goal is to make these kitchens replicable (and, why not, “franchising”) in any major city, to ensure the continuity of the philosophy and that the product is of the highest possible proximity and quality in all its branches.


Business plan creation, consumer study, brand strategy, brand design.

Here, a R&D of healthy vegan dishes was made, with seasonal fresh and quality products.

Operative: the client gets his personalized pack weekly. He also receives advice from the team’s nutritionist in an easy, agile and intuitive platform.


A website as fun as responsive, with three types of very successful options under the heading “What’s Your Plan?”

  • Vegan: for the strictest and most compassionate.
  • Flexi: for those who chew on future changes.
  • A tu gusto: for the eclectic and PH-neutral.

Don’t miss the additional intangible benefit with which we nailed it: “We don’t sell packaged food, we sell time in little boxes for you to achieve your goal”.

Support + differentiation: recipes from vegan to flexitarian with all the appearance of signature dishes by Eduard Vilella. After years of mother’s tupperware culture and home-delivered meals to get by, someone had to dare to put a gourmet dish in a food container, and it worked.

Recipes supervised by nutritionist Blanca Esteve, specialized in planning and “listening to tummies with doubts”.

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