Mordis, Urban Deli


A fast food establishment with quality and heathy characteristics. Fast food type (or better described as: “fast good”) where the undisputed protagonists are the sandwiches. An intermediate point between Pans and Co and the great possibility of customization of Subway. Very photogenic.

Made in front of the customer and accompanied by a secondary offer in the form of salads, snacks, pastries of the day and light desserts. A highly customizable idea and, if you want, you can take it with you!

The challenge here was to differentiate. Touches with ideads, flavours and elaborations from Greece, Italy and North Africa, but without becoming an ethnic concept and where EVOO is omnipresent. A very strong positioning aimed at the healthy world is created,  including the term “Mediterranean”.


Brand strategy. Brand design. Gastronomic advice. Communication plan. We got into the creation of an infallible menu, we polished the design of the exterior posters and the interior signage; which ended up inviting for both tourists and locals to come in and try it without hesitation.


WIth careful selection, the identity of the product, the ambiance of the restaurant, and the variety of the menu are established, completed by a grab and go offer that works smoothly.

Consumers appreciate a fast food alternative with an identity that differentiates it from the big chains by using local ingredients.

We nailed it with the idea of “Practice the sandwiching” and managed to imprint the dynamic, casual and healthy spirit of the brand’s personality, all together in an unbeatable location in the city center.

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