Grin Grin


Develop / design a brand of plant-based or vegan products for the whole family. Different  presentations for different consumption moments.

Purpose: to create an accessible brand, both in terms of price and gastronomic experience.

We envision Grin Grin as a brand far from boring manners. A brand that aims to be more indulgent than neat, tidy, or elegant.

Concepts that we handle:

  • Variety has arrived for the “chubby-vegans”. Let’s enjoy the pleasure of eating.
  • The vegan alternative finally opens up to diversity.
  • We normalize vegetable options. Democracy arrives to veganism.


Brand design. Brand strategy. Packaging design.

We solved it by creating a Manifesto and capturing it in all the communication:

“What we love:

Eating, food is joy, it’s meeting with friends, it’s partying, it’s fun, it’s sharing, it’s experiencing, it’s feeling, it’s getting dirty, it’s cooking.

What we hate:

Bad food, bad vibes, bland things, impositions, labels, things just because and because that’s the way it’s always been done.

What we want:

We want innovation, we want flavor, we want to be close and participate in the paradigm shift.”


A fresh brand with a packaging design full of fun illustrations that make a difference in communication in a market with little nourishment and lack of originality. The result was more childish than rogue (as we were looking for at the beginning) but it worked equally well.

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