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Plant-based market research, vegan and vegetarian tendency reports with data back-ups, benchmarking. Everything you need to know before developing your idea.

Financiacion Conceptualización y creación

Conceptualization and creation

We help you with the R&D process: the product, the brand concept, the menu, the packaging design and the brand experience. Integrated with plant-based concept, sustainable development and zero-waste strategy.



Building your business head-to-toes: from operating manual to the marketing strategy, developing the path to long-term success in this market segment.



We connect you with public and private financing, organizing your business plan and value proposition, making sure you have enough resources to launch and develop the business of your dream.

Plant-Based Market

In 2021 the growth of vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians is 34% in Spain.



Plant-Based Market Growth

The value of the plant- based market has a projected growth of 454% in the next 8 years, according to data from ©Statista.

Valor mercado


Plant-Based Market Growth

The FAO estimates that the alternative protein sector will grow to 97 million metric tons by 2035.



Million metric tons

FAQ Frequent Questions

What types of plant-based products can be developed?

In reality, everything. Our suggestion for participating in Spanish market is fish alternative, egg alternative and plant-based sauces, as these are the emergent ones. Ice-creams, prepared plates, cheese alternative and cold cut alternatives are on the rise, would be a good idea as well.

Why do consumers want plant-based products more than ever?

The mentality of consumers is concentrating on three perspectives: Sustainability, health and animal well-being.

Is it possible to create plant-based products without scientific study?

Yes, it is possible. R+D is not only scientific study but also can concentrate on achieving the desired look, taste and texture using the already existing primary materials, such as powdered soy protein, algae extraction, freeze-dried beetroot, carrot and mushroom.

How are these guys going to help me?

One word, Methodology. With the It’s Enjoyable team and their experience in alternative protein industry, we tackle any idea or project, searching and analyzing to find opportunities and possible failures. Our familiarity with the plant-based market allows us to get ahead and show you why your idea is going to be a success or where tweaks should be made to ensure it’s success. Sometimes a helm turn in time can get you to a better port, or sooner.

Do you know where you are going?

What will the final cost be?

It is important to think our work not as only a service, but as and investment, just as important as your personnel, raw materials, machines, infrastructure, and of course, your clients. The work of a consultant and advisor is focusing on you and every project is tailor-made to our clients.

Personalized is a word is we do not say lightly. Everything is made for you. Personalized to your goal and budget.

We take a great pride in our work, because you deserve it, we deserve it, your clients deserve it, and our future generation deserves it too.

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