Deli & Cia


Areas is a benchmark for travelers looking for a fresh and original gastronomic proposal on their way travelling through Spain.

In this case, we were invited to participate in the new stage of Areas’ most beloved brand: Deli & Cia. This is an offer for airports with trendy, healthier products that empathizes with a consumer segment with extra needs.

We advised on a new gastronomic proposal adapted to rising trends such as functional foods and sugar/gluten free diets.


Brand strategy. Brand repositioning with new products. Gastronomic advice. New brand design. Adaptation to the latest trends. We created the menus, intervened in the interior design, took advantage of a retail area to sell packaged products with the same spirit and philosophy.

We acted at different service points. Both cafeterias and self-service canteens. We promoted the grab & go proposal, focusing on special diets such as vegan, celiac and halal.

This is how we consolidated Deli & Cía, the casual brand of Areas specially designed for airports.


Brand repositioning. More current and fresh. Reformulation of the gastronomic offer. Everything is improved, adapting it to new diets such as vegan, gluten-free, and others. In addition, the look of the restaurant was renewed towards more modern, attractive and updated. We helped with the inspiration for the new look & feel phase.

Success and recognition for an award-winning brand, this section is the pride of Areas.

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