Business strategy
Business strategy

Innovative Business strategy

We combine our vision and your need, creating innovative strategies with value that give you a strong competitive advantage in the current and future market.

What we do


Investigating the ideal consumer is step one for creating a succesful business. We empathize with the consummer in order to satisfy it’s needs based in the value that your products can provide.


Creating Concepts from scratch, From enflavoring the food, interior design, packaging , the corkery, forming a 360 degree brand identity. We help you to devise the experience from start to end.


Finding the right type of innovation pathway for your brand. Based on co-creative workshops, enabling easy and accurate decision making.


Analyzing the contextual framework and financial viability of your project, ensuring that decision-making does not become a via crucis.


Designing an integral business plan for your business, targeting both short-term and long-term growth.


Searching for the right solution for your project, helping you find the right financial partners so your ideas can become reality.

Our 360º process

Business strategy

Frequently asked questions

What’s our job?

Sometimes you just need one extra push to make it, and that what we in It’s Enjoyable are all about. Maintaining an strategical view to analize, validate, and conceptualize. Polishing your ideas so when they reach it’s targeted audience it shines bright.

What is a gastronomic consultant?

Gastronomic Consultants could be best described as a ship capitan with a thousands of miles under his belt, one whom you can trust in your journey to undiscovered lands. He knows about trends, market climates, risks / opportunities. He has the compass that gives him having overcome crises, impossible budgets, market turns and all kinds of crazy projects (many of which are out there, still selling).

How are these guys going to help me?

One word, Methodology. With the It’s Enjoyable team and their experience, we tackle any idea or project, searching and analyzing to find opportunities and possible failures. Our familiarity with the market allows us to get ahead and show you why your idea is going to be a success or where tweaks should be made to ensure it’ssuccess. Sometimes a helm turn in time can get you to a better port, or sooner. Do you know where you are going?

Is my project right/suitable for consulting?

Here is when we take a step back and reflect upon all the perils we are about to face, and how to properly surpass them. Do you know where you want to be and how to get there?Are you ready to jump overboard into a market and be competitive? If what you have is a clear vision of where you want to be consider us you navigator that will make sure you arrive to your destination safe and sound. Are you ready to embark on this adventure?

What will the final cost be?

It is important to think our work not as only a service, but as and investment, just as important as your personnel, primary matter, infrastructure, and of course, your clients. The work of a consultant and advisor is focusing on you and every project is tailor-made to our clients.

Personalized is a word is we do not say lightly. Everything is made for you. Personalized to your style and budget. We take a great pride in our work not only because your ideas are deserving of being materialized, but because the clients deserve it too

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Let’s work together?

We’d love to know what you’re working on, how we can help you, or just chat with you for a while.

Fields of action

Agri-food sector

We design the future of your value chain. From farm to table.


We create experiences that connect brands to the constumers.


We devise and revitalize gastronomic concepts to make them winners.


We escort brilliant minds in the journey to help them create values, to make their innovatiing dream come true.